Getting Started Guide

What this app does

The Dcypher app is a deep analytics platform that helps our customers make confident trading decisions for stocks and cryptocurrencies. You'll be able to:

  • Analyse the entire market in minutes
  • Identify unpopular unicorns in the market, and when to buy and sell
  • Track your favourite equities and receive alerts based on their unique signals
  • Manual or Auto-Trade equities to maximise your yields
  • Share insightful tips and make new friends through our community chat

How to set up the app

1. Download and Install the Application

The subscribed version offers more features and equities to analyse, however these instructions will also work for the free version.

2. Identify an equity to buy or sell

The home screen displays Trading Insights which highlights equities that have triggered algorithms determining a potential trade opportunity.

Filter for stocks or crypto currencies and sort based on price, company name or Insight Typeto help quickly narrow down your options.

3. Review the Insight

Once you have found an equity that you think may make a suitable trade, expand the Insights and click on Show Technical Analysis

4. Review the Detailed Analysis

The stock or crypto will show multiple charts available for detailed review, simply select any chart to expand.

5. Add to your Watchlist

Once you are satisfied with the equity, press the star in the top right corner to save it to your watchlist.

All equities in the watchlist will be displayed when an Insight has been triggered. Automatic notification is sent to your phone when the stock triggers a buy or sell Insight to allow you to place the relevant trade and maximise your yields. When a stock has triggered a notification,simply select the stock in the watchlist and it will redirect you to the Insights screen for further actionable details.

Download for free today.