The Dcypher application is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Dcypher is primarily an A.I. and deep technical and fundamental analytics platform designed to assist retail traders make smart decisions.
The Dcypher application currently supports all crypto currencies and U.S. stock markets.
We perform basic screening and exclude stocks with low market capitalisation, low trade volumes, and also apply other proprietary filtering parameters in order to reduce trading risk.
Yes, in a limited capacity for cryptocurrencies. We are currently integrating with crypto and U.S. stock exchange to enable trades to be submitted directly from the Dcypher application. Keep a look out for our new “Auto-trade” feature for cryptocurrencies.
Yes, for the short term you need a separate brokerage account, however a digital wallet is planned for the near future to accept deposits.
The speed symbols represent a stock outlook depicted by green, amber or red. The colour is based on a score from the varied algorithms with an overall positive showing as green, neutral score shown as amber and overall negative score being red.
Once a watchlist has been created, data will only be displayed when an algorithm has triggered an Insight. We are planning on enabling long term data retention of stock insights to capture trends.
The Free and Personal tiers deliver market data with a 15minute delay. We will be releasing a Professional Tier in the near future with real-time data.
Market Analysis presents a number of professional grade trading algorithms in graphical format so the user can perform due diligence on the performance of a stock. The graphs are created for stocks that have triggered certain conditions and therefore may signal a potential buy or sell opportunity. The algorithms cover a wide spectrum, from common professional algorithms like MACD, Bollinger Bands and Chaikin Oscillators, to proprietary A.I. algorithms such as market sentiment.
The algorithms use a precision of one day. The performance of a stock may only create indicators for some algorithms which will update the timestamp of the related graphs. However, the graphs that haven’t triggered an update will still be valid for another day. If you see a timestamp for a graph which is more than two days old, please let us know.
Trading Insights are the weighted analysis of multiple triggered algorithms from Market Analysis, and using the Dcypher proprietary trading strategy, assessed into an overall buy or sell actions. Customisable trading strategies will be made available through a Professional tier in the near future so that customers can focus on specific market indicators.
The Dcypher Community is a social network that allows all subscribers to share trading experiences, discuss various trading topics and make friends.
Press the question symbol at the bottom of the application and then click “Launch Discord”.
Yes a monthly subscription is available, however there is also an annual subscription offering significant savings.
Monthly and annual subscriptions can be cancelled at any time via the application, under menu “Subscribe -> Manage Subscription -> Cancel Subscription”. After cancellation, the service will continue to run until the next billing cycle.

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