Trade smarter in minutes

Becoming an effective trader takes year, not to mention a lot of lost sleep and money. Dcypher shortcuts your journey by condensing the entire market into an easy to consume format so you can understand key market trends in minutes.

Data everyone can understand

Trading is confusing! Weird terms, complex graphs, risk and emotion managing your own money in a roller coaster environment. Dcypher democratises trading by analysing mountains of data, combines this with a proven trading strategy and delivers actionable outcomes with easy to understand colour coded icons.

Discover the next unicorn stock

We’re all trying to find the next stock, the one that no-one knows about but the numbers suggest is about to boom. This is what Dcypher does. Expert analysts have gone from analysing 10+ stocks a day to 1000’s of stocks with Dcypher, and now you can too. Best of all, Dcypher never sleeps.

Predictive trading analytics, in your pocket!

Available across stocks and Crypto currencies, the app offers deep technical analytics that have been too costly for everyday traders. Our platform consolidates many professional trading algorithms along with our own A.I., empowering everyone to access key trends and events in real time, delivered to your phone.

Auto-trade while you sleep (beta coming soon)

Nervous about the markets going bear overnight, or fear of missing the next bull run? Maximise your gains with customisable thresholds that trigger an exit if the market becomes volatile, or an entry if the market gets excited.

Be decisive with real-time trading insights

Watching charts, following forums, deep dives into companies, all take time and for the hope you’ll make one right decision. We’ve automated the technical analysis with actionable notifications sent direct to your phone so you can act in seconds.

Dcypher Social Community

Trade with a friend or make new friends, join the Dcypher community.

A pricing plan for everyone

Free Plan


  • Markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, Cryptocurrencies
  • Trading Insights and Analysis on Penny Stocks
    (priced up to $5)
  • Watchlist limited to 12 Trading Insights
  • Support: Community chat

Premium Plan

$9.90/ month“Pay 12 months Total: $118.80”

Premium Plan

$19.80/ month 

  • Markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, Cryptocurrencies
  • Unlimited Stock Trading Insights and Analysis
  • Unlimited Watchlist
  • Unlimited Real-time Notifications
  • Support: Helpdesk tickets + Community chat
  • Free 1 Month Trial

Why Dcypher?

Discover why millions of users choose to trade with Dcypher

Real Time
  • Live streamed data,
    with updates in seconds

  • Smart data analysis on the fly. Let us do
    the thinking for you.

User friendly
  • Equipped with intuitive user interfaces and easy to understand graphs so new traders can learn quick.

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