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Use dozens of the most powerful algorithms in the market, such as MACD, Chaikin, and proprietary Machine Learning. Automated technical analysis removes confusion and steep learning curves so you can learn.

Dcypher Market Score

Understand at a glance if the markets are bullish, bearish, or about to swing.

Sentiment analysis

Social Media is increasingly becoming 'market making' as cohorts rally together. Capitalize on movements like Dogeday, or support for popular stocks like GME and AMC.

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Nervous about the markets crashing? Available for cryptocurrencies, 'auto-trade' maximizes your gains without the stress.

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Why Dcypher?

Discover why millions of users choose to trade with Dcypher

Real Time
  • Live streamed data,
    with updates in seconds

  • Smart data analysis on the fly. Let us do
    the thinking for you.

User friendly
  • Equipped with intuitive user interfaces and easy to understand graphs so new traders can learn quick.

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